Course Map

Module 1 Introduction to the Youth Peer Advocate Service
Unit 1 Let's Get Started
Unit 2 How Youth Peer Advocates Make a Difference
Unit 3 What Do YPAs Do?
Unit 4 HCBS Waiver Program
Unit 5 Services Provided by the HCBS Waiver
Unit 6 Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 Navigating the System
Unit 1 The Importance of Knowing Your Rights
Unit 2 Disability Legislation
Unit 3 The Child and Adolescent Service System Program
Unit 4 An Example: Working with Sean
Unit 5 Disclosing a Disability
Unit 6 Agency Names and Terms to Know
Unit 7 Do You Know These Terms?
Unit 8 Advocacy and Peer Leadership Resources
Unit 9 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Small Group Facilitation
Unit 1 Facilitating Peer Support Groups
Unit 2 YPA Guide to Group Facilitation
Unit 3 Preparing to Facilitate a Group
Unit 4 Preventing Disruptions
Unit 5 Handling Disruptions
Unit 6 Can You Manage It?
Unit 7 Facilitation Toolbox
Unit 8 Module 3 Quiz
Module 4 Documenting Your Work
Unit 1 Documentation of Who, What, and When
Unit 2 An Overview of the Documentation System
Unit 3 How to Write a Progress Note
Unit 4 Tips for Creating Great Progress Notes
Unit 5 About Flex Funding
Unit 6 Module 4 Quiz
Unit 7 What's Next?
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